Elite Plus Spa & Wellness

Refresh Your Body And Soul

Life today continues apace for the majority of us and it is important to take time to relax and boost energy levels – one of the best solutions is to take advantage of the natural healing powers provided by the waters of a Spa.


Increase Your Energy For Life

For us, your everyday wellbeing is just as important as your living space. For this, Elite Plus Spa & Wellness - comprising an area of 1800 m² (over 2 levels), special massage treatments and beauty care programs – awaits you. The Spa and Wellness experience will revitalize and rejuvenate – improve your quality of living by making the Spa and Wellness experience a regular part of your routine.


Massage Room

Erase the aches and pains that are all too often a result of our daily routine. Listen to your body and entrust yourself to our professionals and their highly trained hands. An extensive - and mind blowing - choice of treatments including classic massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and other region specific treatments are available.


Ice Fountain

Health, fitness and vitality... the first 2 stops on your route to a feeling of completeness are the Turkish Bath and Sauna – the 3rd is the Ice Fountain! Apply the ice and feel the immediate acceleration of the blood flow in your body – you will feel refreshed and totally energised. When you are next feeling drained and tired, the ideal fix is an Ice Fountain.


Salt Room

The ceilings and walls are completely covered with salt – come in and relax for half an hour and sense a profound change in the air quality. Salt rooms are a recognised therapy for respiratory ailments as they eradicate pollutants and repair the damage caused by these.