What Awaits You In Your Residence?

Elite Admiral Premium Residences uses only the world’s finest fixtures and fittings - Leading brands such as Daikin, Franke, Grohe, Duravit and Lineadecor complete the magnificence of this premium lifestyle experience.

  • Domestic Appliances: All residences are equipped with inbuilt Franke (or equivalent brand) appliances - refrigerator, oven, hob, extractor fan, microwave, dish washer and washing machine.
  • Air Conditioning: Daikin brand A Class Energy canalized system inverter units in all living rooms and bedrooms. These are low decibel and operate with 49% energy efficiency. Those installed in the bedrooms have a heating capacity of 160/180 watt/m² whilst those in the living rooms have a heating capacity of 110/120 watt/ m²
  • Floor Heating: All rooms and bathrooms have underfloor heating systems. The Finnish brand ENSTO, whose technology is recognized as best in class, is the preferred choice.
  • Security Shutters: Aluminum lamellar end electric motor security shutters have been installed on the exterior wall in order to alleviate noise intrusion and to provide heat insulation.
  • Cloak Closet: A lockable closet made of lacquered and/or high gloss coated MDF – this closet contains a combination safety deposit box.
  • Bathroom Accessories: Chromium plated towel rack, corner wall hung soap dish, waste paper dispenser, bathrobe hook and an electric towel heater.
  • Smart Home System: Smart Home System installed in all units.

Living Room And Bedroom Details


All fixtures and fittings in the living rooms and bedrooms are of the highest quality and selected from a choice of the world’s leading brands. We consider durability just as important as refinement and elegance. Even the finest of details are proof and testament to the impeccability and integrity of this project.

  • Flooring: Living room and bedroom floors have five different texture and colour variations of porcelain-granite ceramics, either Italian, Spanish or Turkish brands.
  • Baseboards: Baseboards are made from the same ceramics as used on the floors.
  • Walls: Breathable water based paint over satin stucco plastering.
  • Ceilings: Concealed spotlights and hanging chandelier units in the living room and bedroom.
  • Unit Internal Doors: These are lacquer coated (or PVC coated) MDF.
  • Unit Entry Doors: Front panel wing is 8 mm stained-glass tempered glazing. Wing partitions (front and back) are 1.5 mm steel plate sheets with heat and sound insulating polyurethane filler; back face wing is 8 mm MDF coated with a polyvinyl membrane on curved aluminum fittings; the lock is a monoblock system.
  • Penthouse Stairs: Marble coating over an iron profile.

Kitchen Details


Residents can choose from four different designs of kitchen cabinets – these are either high gloss or lacquered veneer, both functional and aesthetically pleasing and made by Lineadecor (or an equivalent brand). All models will feature a utensil holder within a draw, soft close stoppers on all cupboard doors and drawers and a chrome refuse can that opens as the cupboard door is opened. Lineadecor products, which are made from the highest quality materials and resistant to intense use, steam, humidity and heat, stand out for their long usage lifespan.

  • Kitchen Counters: Acrylic, Granite (Star Galaxy, Nero Zimbabwe) or Cimstone in a variety of colors and options.
  • Kitchen Sink: Chrome sink from Franke (or an equivalent brand).
  • Fittings: Grohe brand (or its equivalent) sink fittings.

Bathroom Details


Your bathroom has been designed with your wellbeing and relaxation in mind. Only the most elegant – and functional - materials and furnishings have been selected and 5 different design options will be presented to you.

  • Floor and Wall Coating: Four options available, using only first class products from renowned marques such as Seramiksan, Serra (and/or) Çanakkale.
  • Closet: High gloss (or lacquer) that fits in with the general decoration and design. Granite was used for the counter.
  • Fittings: Grohe thermostat built-in faucet, both rain shower and hand shower( button set) and a sink faucet.
  • Reservoir: Geberit brand buried reservoir with built-in concealed stop valve.
  • Sanitary Ware: Duravit washbasin and hanging toilet bowl.
  • Shower Cabin: Tempered glass shower cabin by the German brand Hueppe.
  • Bathroom Isolation: The bottom side of the ceramics and the shower base and walls are insulated.
  • Ceramic Granite Grout: Non-corrosive Silicon-based or flex epoxy grout has been used.
  • Ceiling: Spot lighting.

Technical Characteristics Of The Units

You will see Elite Group’s signature on all heat, sound and water insulated aluminum windows and balcony doors as well as on all other fine details that are as functional as they are aesthetic. With this project - detailed according to the characteristics of Alanya and the geography the project is positioned on - perfection is paramount.

  • Exterior Walls: Heat, sound and water insulation is provided by 5 cm levelling insulation finish.
  • Interior Walls: Interior walls that divide units - and the flooring between floors - contain heat-sound insulation.
  • Balcony Ceramic Bases: Heat, sound and water insulation is provided by 5 cm levelling insulation finish.
  • Joinery: Heat insulated aluminum joinery and ‘Comfort’ heat double pane glass. Compared to standard double pane glass, this decreases heat loss by up to 50% and significant savings can be made in winter. In summer, by decreasing the intrusion of solar heat by 40%, savings are also made on air conditioning costs.
  • Roof: After the terrace roofs have undergone water, heat and sound insulation, a light green aluminum clamp roof covering is applied.
  • Air Conditioning Units: Positioned in a special section behind the each block, thereby eliminating visual pollution and negating sound and heat intrusion.

Security Details

Elite Admiral Premium Residences, your address for complete security, safety and comfort, has a full time active security system. Nothing that would disrupt your peace is allowed within the borders of the project. Fire alarms and residual current devices are amongst those details that will protect you from unforeseen accidents.

  • Security With the 3D Eyes Camera System, you can remotely view the project through the internet. This allows you a bird’s eye aerial view of the project and the surrounding landscape. A closed circuit camera system along the length of the residential community walls as well as a full time tracking and recording system in the main security cabin has been installed. The security cabin at the main entrance to the residential community will have controlled pedestrian and vehicle access, a remote control barrier system and iron railings on all walls that enclose the project.
  • Intercom: The digital keypad intercom panel located in all units allows communication with the security cabin, reception lobby, social areas and all other units.
  • Electrical Installations: All of the electrical outlets within all residences are childproof.

Technological Details


The very latest technology has been brought together in order to improve and enhance your lifestyle. In addition, your health and wellbeing have been considered. You will be residing in not only one of the most opulent but also the most technologically advanced residential lifestyle projectsin all of Turkey - what more could a person want?

  • Wireless:Due to the perceived negative effects that magnetic waves (from wireless modems) can have on human health, only the general social areas were preferred. If residents opt for cable internet network access inside their units, the infrastructure is in place.
  • Satelite Satellite channels can be viewed via a communal satellite dish antenna system.
  • Elevator: For access between the terraces, there are two panoramic elevators – in Block A, there are two double speed KONE brand elevators. All elevator cabins are TSI (Turkish Standards Institution) approved and are disability and child friendly. In the case of electricity outages, there is a security system in place which will auomatically bring the elevator to the nearest level.


  • Generator: On-site generators to supply electrical energy to all units and communal areas during power outages.

Environmentally Friendly Details


It is impossible to be immune to the wonders of the natural landscape that surrounds Alanya, possibly the most stunning resort in all of the Mediterranean. With its enviromentally friendly structure evident everywhere, Elite Admiral Premium Residences promises a tranquil environment ensuring that you will totally at ease. A significant amount of effort has been exerted in order to ensure that all of the evident natural beauty will remain so for your children in the future.

  • Purification: The water that comes from the city’s main distribution system is filtered and purified to provide drinking water consistency – this is a first time a purification system has been installed in a residential development in Alanya. An additional benefit of this purification is that washing machines, water heaters and faucets will not calcify.
  • Water Depot: In addition to this main water supply, there are stainless steel water depots and a hydrophore system.
  • Waste Disposal: There are communal refuse bins within the residential community.
  • Landscaping: The landscaping comprises various flora - trees, fruits, shrubs and flowers - that is compatible with the region, creating an attractive, natural environment. The garden areas have an automatic irrigation system.
  • Post Box: Each unit has one post box.
  • Parking Lots: The covered parking lots are located one floor beneath the open-air swimming pool and beneath the front garden of Blocks B7 and B8. Access from the covered parking lot under Block A to the reception lobby, activity and social areas is by both elevator and stairs. Open parking lots have been designated behind Block A and along the entrance road to the residential community. Each villa and duplex unit has its own covered parking lot. There are also separate parking areas for bicycles and motorcycles.