Overview & Architecture

A Brand New And Sparkling World, Exclusively For You

For all those magical moments in time that you wish you could relive over and over again – it is these moments that are the inspiration behind Elite Admiral Premium Residences. We invite you to commence your journey - and write a story in golden letters – at that point where the beauty of the Mediterranean coastline is at its most glorious.

A Premium Living Space Of 16.000 M²

Elite Admiral Premium Residences project, an investment and undertaking of the Elite Group, is a signature project testament to the breathtaking beauty of Alanya. The development of 16,000 m² of land, of which 12,000 m² are green areas, establishes a superior and unique living environment, one that is at the very heart of nature and one that opens the doors to an opulent five star lifestyle. Modern, chic living spaces, personally tailored services provided by a cheerful and professional team and a unique, this Elite world will enable you to build beautiful and enduring memories with your loved ones…


Situated atop a high hill, unique in this region and affording breathtaking views, the design of Elite Admiral Premium Residences was inspired by the effortless grace of marine birds flying above the sea.

With both the architectural concept and in the details of the landscaping, Elite Admiral Premium Residences evokes images of a boat at anchor. The woodcraft details used in all of the residences reflects the marine spirit of the project, with the architectural details inspired by the delicate wing of a seagullin flight.

Respect And Sincerity Are Foremost

Everything here has been conceived with you in mind. Respect for a high quality, superior lifestyle and a genuine understanding of the concept of design is Elite Admiral Premium Residences’ basic philosophy. The selection and use of only the highest quality products and materials and attention to the smallest detail in all living spaces is testament to our sincerity.

Nature Is at the very heart of this Project

The Elite Admiral Premium Residences project brings a superior standard of living combining the delights of nature and the convenience of the city centre. From the winter garden in the recreation area to the various delightful landscaping arrangements throughout the project, every shade of green is integrated into your life. Special areas have been designated for fruit and flower gardens in order for your children to become familiar with and be at one with nature. Bananas, oranges and lemons are all the more delicious when it is you that has picked them...

State Of The Art Technology To Enhance Your Lifestyle

The technology used here is designed to provide a safe environment with infinite comfort. Sockets with child protection, fire alarm system, 24 hour 360 degree 3D security cameras, smart home system, wireless Internet in common areas; wired Internet inside the residences and a 'Smart Home' system that enables you to remotely control the lighting and heating system, DVD set, curtains and security shutters - of all these play a leading role in the technological superiority of Elite Admiral Premium Residence.

Water Treatment

The water obtained from the city supply network is delivered to your home only after being treated at the on-site purification and filtering system - this allows you to drink straight from the tap (!) as well as preventing calcification in your appliances - washing machine, dish washer and water heater etc.

Environmentally friendly, respectful of and at peace with nature....

Special Water Reservoirs

Drinking and utility waters are conserved in stainless steel reservoirs (with pressure pumps) – this ensures that, in the event of water supply or pressure loss, there is sufficient water to meet the demands of the residents.


Trees, plants and flowers compatible with the geographical features of the region are preferred in all the green areas. Regular maintenance and irrigation (from concealed systems) of these areas will ensure a live natural environment all year round.


Insulation And Energy Saving

Exterior walls covered with special thermal insulation materials will ensure 55% energy savings. Walls dividing the rooms within the units have both heat and sound insulation. In addition, the ceramics used on the balconies guarantee against heat, sound and water intrusion.



Light green aluminium plate has been applied to the roofs in order that to maximise the conversion of heat and water insulation within the terrace and lobby floors.


Air Conditioning Units

In order to prevent visual pollution by external air conditioning units, all units are concealed within specially designated area, unseen and non-obtrusive.

Water Insulation

Insulation of balcony windows and shear walls are made of bituminous material; rain water drainage systems are concealed behind each residential Block.