Sales & After-Sales Services

In Turkey, all legalities associated with property purchasing procedures, should be undertaken only by licensed estate agents. The Real Estate Agent is the "integrity" guarantee of the transaction between both the Purchaser and the Seller.

Pre-Sales Services

  • Property Inspection Tour: A courtesy car (with driver) shall be provided and your dedicated representative will meet with you and show the properties chosen in accordance with your budget and specific needs and requirements.
  • Property Purchasing Advice: All documentation relating to the unencumbered purchase of a property will be prepared by our personnel, in accordance with the laws that govern these procedures.We guarantee that the completion of the purchase will be as expedient as possible.
  • Before we embark on the inspection tour, there will be a Q and A session, during which we will be happy to answer any questions. Ask as many questions as possible - this way you will will know if you are fully ready to purchase.

Expertise Services

The judicial status and actual condition of the immovable asset that is the subject of the purchase are inspected in detail by our personnel. These inspections are:

  • TITLE DEED REGISTRY CHECK Whether or not there are any levies, mortgage claims, temporary injunctions or other declaratory clauses regarding the immovable asset subject to the transaction OR any omissions in the title deed registrar's records AND that the relevant municipality records are valid and correct.
  • PLANNING PERMISSION CONTROL To ensure that the immovable asset is located in a non-restricted zone, is not subject to a building development scheme and that there are no other expropriation processes pending.
  • THE CONSTRUCTION LICENCE CHECK To ensure that the construction licence is compatible with the architectural, electrical, sanitation and plumbing processes approved by the appropriate municipality.
  • QUALITY CONTROL The quality of the construction of the immovable asset and all associated components will be checked
  • CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY CHECK To ensure that the immovable asset has the appropriate occupancy licence, as determined by the title deed directorate within the relevant municipality.

After-Sales Services

We offer practical solutions to ensure maximum comfort and peace of mind and to ensure you can enjoy your dream home from the very first day of occupancy. These services include:

  • Subscription services: On demand acquisition of utilities, (water, electricity), public services and domestic telephone subscriptions on behalf of the customer
  • Decoration: Purchasing of Furniture and associated items, Interior Decoration advice.
  • Property Insurance: Advice on property insurance
  • Rental Management: For those customers that wish to let their property expediently and profitably, we can match tenants to these properties by utilising our extensive database of travel agents, tour operators and repeat private clients.
  • Cleaning: Cleaning and ventilation of the apartment where requested.
  • Technical services: Management of property in the owners absence, bill paying and technical maintenance of the electricity, water, heating and cooling systems (where the owner has been informed and access permission obtained).
  • Advice on Vehicle Purchase: Professional advice on vehicle, boat and aircraft acquisition (also provision of sailing and pilot training and transfer of appropriate documentation).
  • Car renting: Rental of the latest model cars on fair terms
  • Professional consultancy services
  • Private Tours with Guides and Chauffeurs
  • Organization services for Private Dining, BBQ's and Buffets